Peringatan: Tulisan ini mengandung tiga bahasa yang berbeda, pastikan anda mengerti sebelum membacanya. This writing use English, Indonesia and ngapak. Ya sebut baelah IndoNgapakEnglish.
A few days ago, I talked about a Perfect Neighborhood in my class. I think about my home in Beautiful Earth, of course that is the perfect one for me. Oh people, you must be there someday, live there for a moment and feel the truly beauty of Beautiful Earth. Beautiful Earth ya Bumiayu sodara sodara..
Then I read my friend’s Bbm status and here it is ‘Kosakata dalam permainan jawa tempo dulu, Neker: guser, pethit, diler, tratasan, wuduh, jepat, slenthik, muwang, unggul, kilan’ #kegugu. Setelah baca hestegnya ituloh bener2 bikin kegugu. Ngakak dewek macane. Lanjutkan membaca

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